Our Story

Our Farm

Txuleta 1882 was started by Josh and Jyoti. We farm cattle in the hills of South Gippsland on a family run property that was first farmed by Jyoti’s great grandfather in 1882. Our pastures are managed with regenerative methods including rotational grazing to build soil and animal health.

Our Cows

We work directly with a small number of local dairy farmers to carefully select and retire dairy cows with optimal characteristics for Txuleta. We prioritise breed, body structure and potential for flavour and fat marbling. Our cows range from five to more than ten years of age.

Heritage and Dual Purpose Breeds

Txuleta 1882 began with Fleckvieh cattle, a dual-purpose milk and beef breed originating from a cross between the Swiss Simmental and other German/Austrian breeds in the late 1800s. We also retire other pure or crossed breeds with the potential for great beef including Montbelliard, Red cattle and British Fresian.

Full Provenance

We know where our cattle come from, the background of each animal and that they have been well cared for throughout their lives. We respect and add value to the hard work that has already been done by both cow and dairy farmer.

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