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Retired dairy cows put out to pasture

Good things take time

We retire carefully selected dairy cows aged five to more than ten years of age to produce unique and richly flavoured beef

Inspired by Basque traditions

Txuleta (pronounced choo-le-tah) is beef from old cattle and is prized for its rich depth of flavour and increased fat marbling from years on pasture. There is a long and enduring tradition of eating Txuleta in the Basque region of Spain that is gaining international recognition.

Inspired by the Spanish experience, we are passionate about producing delicious Txuleta from ethically raised and pasture fed cows.

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Family farming since 1882

Our grass fed beef is produced on a family-owned farm located in South Gippsland, an area with high rainfall and verdant pasture. Our farm is managed with regenerative methods including rotational grazing and organic principles to build soil and animal health.

We work directly with a small number of local dairy farmers to select and retire mature dual purpose and heritage breed dairy cows with optimal characteristics for great beef. At Txuleta 1882, our cattle are exclusively pasture fed and roam until they reach prime condition.

How to Cook Txuleta

Txuleta is typically cooked over medium high heat on a wood or charcoal fire. A skillet or pan can also be used. The meat should be fairly rare inside, with a crispy and slightly salty exterior.

To achieve this, the meat is brought to room temperature over 2-3 hours.

Each side is cooked for anywhere between 3 - 10 minutes depending on thickness, rotating the steak slightly every minute or so to prevent charring.

The Spanish way to salt Txuleta is not to add salt prior to cooking. Instead, it is generously salted with a medium coarse salt on the cooked side once flipped over.

Once cooked, the excess salt is shaken off before resting. The steak is then cut off the bone into slices and served on a warmed platter to share.

If using a digital thermometer we recommend aiming for an internal temperature of 45-50 degrees prior to resting

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